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Castle of doom

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lighting. lighting, lighting, lighting, and just a little more of lighting. uniformly-lit maps usually cannot be saved even by the best architecture. indoors cannot have the same light level as outdoors, it doesn't click. you can make some geometry (there are height variations and such, not bad!), now it is time to lit it.

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Being a castle and all, I would recommend some secret corridors leading to a room with secrets. Also what kid of castle you're going for? From what I played it seem short, are you gonna make it bigger?

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Posted (edited)


Finished it. This is really short. My only main critique is that there are medpacks everywhere. Also, a bunch of ammo. I felt way over-equipped to handle it. But it was a good start and some basic construction. Wanted to add one thing. The music, I would suggest finding some open source midi's or something. While a good tune it didn't fit the atmosphere, imo. 

Edited by Odorousbag87 : Adding details

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