Hello everyone, it's been now maybe around a week or a week and half since I stopped activity on DoomWorld, after learning way more stuff, having a few headaches and even getting eye ache, I'm here, safe and sound. This is my First Map and someday my First WAD ever, I feel happy as finally, I am able to leave my grain of sand on the DooM Community, even if this is not the 'biggest thing' or 'the most amazing map ever' at all, not even close from Godly-Tier maps, but It's still decent, playable and I fixed a lot of stuff.   I don't know how much is left to do, but whatever I need to do or add I may learn it and practice it on Map02.   Now, without further adding.   >ABOUT THE WAD< [Thanks to the "New to posting maps? Read this first!" thread, as this is based on that.]   This WAD must be played with either ZDooM or GZDooM, preferably (and most possibly) from Version 3.6.0+, as I tested this with GZDooM and apparently works with ZDooM just fine.   Freelook is allowed, and it's important, not because there are flying switches all over the place, but you may need it. Jumping and Crouching are required for this WAD, therefore as obvious as it is, it's allowed. Tested on Software Rendering, therefore I guess you should go with that.   For this WAD you will need the DooM II IWAD so use that and solely that. Starts from MAP01, in case for some reason you can't start it. (But has not happened to me.)   For now, it's a single map but at least 3 maps are planned and I will possibly make up to 5 or 6. There is one Custom Monster here. (Please don't play this with hardcore Mods, I haven't tested this and I don't assure anything will go 100% fine with every mod.)   This was played with Vanilla, so please play it without any mod. But if you want to use Beautiful DooM or any visual/slightly-changing Mod, you can try. The first map is a mixture between stealth, action and awareness of your surroundings, the rest may differ a lot between stealth and action. There are no new Difficulty Settings, however you can try this on Hurt Me Plenty and Ultra Violence is recommended as I tested it solely on this Difficulty.   >DOWNLOAD LINK<   DEMO: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aift76h86hdbets/Entering the Impending Chaos.zip?dl=0   MAP02-MAP03: Coming Soon™   FULL: Coming Soon™ (?)   = Update History=    
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