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Quick question, how do I convert a .mod file to midi?

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I tried that just now, screwed it up. Had to rename the extension for winamp to play it, and when it does, it's not the same song, and it's half as long. Sigh, I guess i'll have to stick with choppy mod. If I can find my backup.

Edit: Tried it again. That thing is quite overrated. Thanks for the attempt tho.

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ravage said:

Couldn't dl it.

Weird, it works fine for me. (it didn't at first time, but when I tried again it worked). Well, you could try the mirror sites. Or just try again few times, it usually works then:)

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Dammit, everytime I try to convert this to mid, it plays it in Grand Piano. Ugh, if your wondering what I'm converting, its tame.mod from Terminal Velocity.

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