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What is the resolution of the original Doom 3 textures?

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Doom and Quake had a resolution of 128x128 for the typical wall texture. What was it for Doom 3? 256x256? 512x512?


Actually, at what point did games start making the transition over to 256 and 512 in general? I assume it happened slower on consoles?

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Actually, it varies. There are 128x128 textures and 256x256 and even some 512x512 ones.


Don't know the answer for your other question. But I believe it's the same time. Early 2000s 

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The typical Doom 3 texture is 256x256, just like in the Quake 3 engine. Around the time of Doom 3 release Unreal Tournament 2003 pumped up the main texture resolution to 512x512. Instead of just increasing texture resoultion, Doom 3 included 3 layers for every texture (diffuse, normal, specular) to enhance the visuals.

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