"You must escape from a giant cyber prison. This is the biggest and most complex map ever created for Doom 2"   About a week ago Pan ("Blighted moonbase" "NILUM")  released final reworked version of Exspiravit. I kindly agreed to post it here for community reviews and feedback.This last update is properly balanced in favor of the player to make the map more enjoyable. Major bugs are fixed. I tested it with saves in a couple of days and manage to exit under 9 hours with all monsters killed.   Eventually what we have is a basically linear huge enclosed maze divided into several big sections which are intended to differ from each other visually and gameplay wise. Simply put we are getting into thousands of custom monsters, plenty of ammunition and health, continuous switch hunting within sections and lots of neighboring rooms clearing.   For those who like long survival maps. Give it a try, share you impressions about the map, about how far you managed to survive and for how long, about hard parts in other words pour all your love/hate down upon the map here.   I played this map with GZDoom 3.5.1                 This version of Goliath was edited for DW. The soundtrack mp3 file was resized and some symbolic images were replaced  Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/835oxqr9wf4g2l2/GoliathDW.zip/file   Screenshots from Moddb Goliath post from Pan:   *players wishing to compete in the competition should use the moddb version to avoid desync issues