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Importing Levels


I have been wanting to do a project for a while: importing Doom's maps into Doom II and sprinkling in monsters (and the SSG) from the latter. The problem is that I have no idea how to quickly and easily put the Doom levels into Doom II for level editing.

NOTE: This is a personal project and have zero intent on distributing it for legal reasons.

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Adding to what Nevander said, Realm667 has Doom Textures for Doom II.


If you want to play this in a port that doesn't use MAPINFO, then you will have to rename the maps MAP01, MAP02, and so on.

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Posted (edited)

In SLADE, copy and paste all the Doom 1 maps into a new WAD. The map names can stay as ExMx. Open this WAD in GZDoom Builder under Doom 2 config. Make your changes.


You will be missing some textures. They will need to be pulled from the TEXTURE1/PNAMES in DOOM.WAD.


When finished, create a MAPINFO lump in this WAD with your maps and define your episodes and Doom 1 maps. You can probably safely copy the MAPINFO from gzdoom.pk3.


Finally, load it as a PWAD with Doom 2 as the IWAD.


EDIT: Don't forget the music also.

Edited by Nevander

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