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Okay, something really weird just happened to me and I can't seem to find any information on this.

I was on Chocolate Doom (MacOS version 3.0.0) playing through E2M4 on HNTR as part of my goal of beating all the difficulties. But something was weird. The pinkies (and only the pinkies) were moving far too fast. Now, I booted up my save from an attempt to try out Episode 1 on Nightmare and I believe that had something to do it. I simply closed the program and booted it back up with no problems.

I was wondering if anyone has encountered this problem before and if so, what was the cause? Was it Chocolate Doom? A bug in the original code?

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Just now, SaladBadger said:

yeah this is a known bug. If you load saves enough in this manner the game crashes by a stack overflow because the demon speeds are set to 0.

Thank you. I need to be careful in the future. Especially cause I just retested it and the imp's fireball was also increased in speed.

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