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Is this copy of Strawberry Doom safe?

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I found what apparently is a copy of Strawberry Doom r1188 at iddqd.ru. Should I download it?

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TBH, not really. Regardless of whether that exe is 100% safe or not, you're going to be dealing with a long out of date fork of questionable stability and completeness. If somehow there were security vulnerabilities that builds of Chocolate Doom fixed after the most recent Strawberry build you'd be missing those.

The overall theme of the port is better served with Crispy Doom. Edward850's stalled BananaSplit fork of Eternity is still the best split screen classic doom source port, followed by (sigh) Doom Legacy. Remood is dead and is in a state almost as bad as Strawberry Doom, 3dge doesn't have complete split screen support yet, and I don't know what the story with jDoom is. 


edit: Oh and Doom3D... is a thing that exists, I suppose. If it weren't for Doom64 EX using it as it's base and it's split screen capabilities it would be a mere footnote in Doom history. I'd still take BananaSplit over it anyday though.

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4 minutes ago, Danfun64 said:

long out of date fork of questionable stability and completeness.

I'm aware of that. I'm just downloading these ports for historical interest. Thanks for the answer!

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