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Tough Heretic maps/episodes?

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Heretic maps are quite often easier than DooM ones...any good more challenging maps and/or episodes recommended to try out? Besides Hordes/Masters of Chaos, Wayfarer, Faithless, or UnBeliever. And preferably compatible with Wayfarer's Tome (no changes to classes or default weapons/monsters).

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Posted (edited)

That's a decent list for me...are they all a fair sized challenge (on hard)?

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In addition to the good list Gez posted, I'll also add Cacowad's Obsidian Fort to the list as a great challenge to play on BPPT. It's a zdoom map iirc.


On that note as well, if you are looking for more challenging Heretic content I'd suggest (re)playing wads on BPPT.


As much as I prefer not to self-promote, I made a small heretic map a year or so ago which will provide you with a good challenge; though it's "hard mode" was designed specifically to be BPPT, you can also get a decent challenge out of its smite-meister setting.


Here is a link to download it if you're interested. It plays on limit-removing ports but I'd recommend zdoom atm as the egg-throwing golem is required for one secret; other than that though limit-removing is a good way to go. This is a test build without the wip maps taken out, so also ignore any additional maps past the first; just E1M1 is complete. 

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Honestly I'm not sure if it will or not off the top of my head. Fast monsters+monster respawn isn't quite the same as nightmare in doom since nightmare mobs are more aggressive in addition to being faster, so it stands to reason that fast monsters wouldn't quite be bppt in heretic either for the same reasons. Also, idk if fast monsters would apply a 2x or 3x boost to heretic's mobs, which is another thing to consider. Honestly though you'll prolly want that 50% extra ammo since items become exponentially more difficult to juggle and use as effectively/efficiently with monsters at 3x speed.

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