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Captain Red

Jdoom Plutonia

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Can somebody please explaine why I don't get MD2 modles in the second episode of Final doom: The Plutonia experiment (Plutonia.wad) under jdoom?

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mmnpsrsoskl said:
Are you using the Kickstart program? If so, check under the definitions tab and see if the models.ded file is there.

that's the thing, it dosn't seem to be running any of the *.ded file regarless of weather or not I include them under the definitions menu.

scorpion said:
Works fine for me... Maybe if you tried starting DooM II in jDoom with PLUTONIA.WAD as patch wad file?

that would work, but the map names and intermission text will be wrong (me = fussy). I'd still like to know why they work for TNT.wad but not the PLUTONIA.WAD.

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