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Drawing sprites and how do I implement them in?


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Ive been thinking of redrawing doom guy sprites (Not sure of what, Probably redraw them as myself lol), maybe for brutal doom/PB, does anyone know where I can get the doom guy sprites from PB/brutal? including the fatalities and stuff. also is there a certain resolution that I must draw the sprites?

Also if such thing happened, how do I insert the sprites? What program do I use?

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Use SLADE to create wads with sprites. Check the zdoom wiki for information on how they work. You can also look through existing wads in SLADE to see how the sprites work there. You can extract sprites with SLADE and edit them in gimp/whatever you want. The tl;dr for GZDoom sprites you need a decorate script for your monster/whatever and a decorate script to implement it.





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