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That Old Serpent

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That Old Serpent


IWAD: Doom 2

Format: Boom

Map: MAP01

Music: All Guns Blazing by Judas Priest; Head Like a Hole by NIN

Modes: Singleplayer only

Tested on:  PrBoom+ (no compat. lvl. used), GZDoom g3.7.2









We don't know where they came from, but the city is gone. They are trying to gain access to a sensitive data cache in the local UAC HQ. Your objective is to destroy this cache. 


Don't worry, you don't need a techie, just a rocket launcher.


It is recommended you enter the HQ ASAP; your basic credentials will gain you access to the armory. You will need to find the rest of the access keys -- they stole them in an attempt to slow us down. 


You are not to be slowed down.


Author's Note


This map was done as a break from a big GZDoom project that I've been working on solid since my first map. It was first going to be in vanilla compatibility, but needing some extra options I thought it would be a good opportunity to try out Boom, voodoo scripting and play a bit with DEHACKED.




    replaced with Glass Break by avrahamy with heavy edits



    replaced with Machine Shutdown by PatrickLieberkind with heavy edits

Big thanks to CatManDan for playtesting and lots of feedback.


Edited by SuaveSteve : screenshots

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Not Bad thanks for sharing maybe some ammo pickups in the big outside area are needed.

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This was from my stream tonight. I really enjoyed this wad. However, I do feel like the pacing became tedious with the usage of the HQ but this did seem intentional. I also really enjoyed how each key puzzle was a different thing. Also, the intestine room was amazing. The ending is what really shined. I kept expecting one thing but got another. Good Job, and there was definitely shown effort. Keep it up! 


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