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Puyo Puyo Companions - Maguro Released!

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Posted (edited)

Alright, here's something.


Puyo Puyo Companions: Klug is a small miniwad based on the Puyo Puyo franchise and the Deltarune Ralsei and Susie companions mod that adds the character Klug into Doom (Or even Hexen, Heritic, Strife, etc!). It's planned to expand to include more characters from the popular Japanese puzzle competitive game in future releases!


A progress of what it's made so far, credits for somebody really important in the readme notepad.


MediaFire Download

ModDB Download


Have in mind the following:

  • Still needs his signature spell attacks and the behavior patterns that will have to be added.
  • Still needs his skill: summoning to be added.


Any help or edit possible is welcome.


With a bunch of screenshots to show him in action. (Because I can't record anything with this crappy PC)


Once again, really read that .txt because kudos.


(Other thread in Doom Editing was unable to be deleted or moved, so help me deleted it.)





Edited by Ganbare-Lucifer

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Updated to 0.2:


  • Added brand new sound effects!
  • Shortened the resurrection reaction frames to make it less tedious.

Download Link Updated (ModDB Only for now)

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Posted (edited)

Updated to 1.0:


  • ACS Script now spawns him properly at the beginning of the level.
  • His constant mourning bug was also fixed somehow after compiling the ACS.

Download Link Updated (Both Mediafire and ModDB)


Works on Maguro had begun now.


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