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The Palace of Perversion

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The screenshots looks great! I will be playing this one very soon

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23 minutes ago, xdarkmasterx said:

just play it with Hdoom

A true gentleman does not direct others to another's product to satisfy their perversions. He provides everything himself. :P

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Posted (edited)

Oh, this one was too much for me. lol

I played on HMP (Chocolate Doom): The visuals are very nice and I loved how you used Imps and Spectres in the dark to increase the challange, but I think you could have been a bit more generous with health or ammo. Unfortunally I had to give up on the Cyberdemon arena, I wasnt able to react quick enough to kill those Imps without getting hurt with my own rockets.


Very cool map, maybe too unforgiving for HMP. I still want to finish it, so I will probably try again later on.

Edited by Noiser

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