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map20 teleporter problem

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Sometimes I enter the teleporter and get stuck in a small space because the lift doesn't lower. Is there a reason this happens, and how can I reliably trigger the lift?

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Posted (edited)

The edges of the teleporter (64x64 units) triggers the lift to go down, and then there is a 32x32 units square in the middle which triggers the teleport. It's possible to cross both linedefs at the same time (one linedef being vertical and the other horizontal) and in that case the outer linedef will not be triggerd and you get stuck. It is also possible to skip the outer linedef if you just go quick enough (over 16 units per tic) like any other linedef in the south direction. In the first case it's actually possible at any speed iirc.


So I'd recommend running straight down the middle without any strafe running, as run forward goes up to 16.666 units per tic at max speed (I don't think you go above 16 units per tic for such a short distance, and if you do it's very unlikely you skip the linedef). And of course try to avoid getting damage boosted just as you go across it since that increases your speed.

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