Good evening everyone. I'm a fairly new mapper and I was recommended by my peers to post here before uploading anything to the WAD hosting sites.    This is my 5th map that i've made and the only one that I think I did something good with. Download will be at the bottom of the post.   Gameplay vid:     Map has about 2 months of off and on work put into it. I've taken several liberties with the original map design and made it my own. I'd say its a moderately lengthy map and on somewhere of the upper end of moderate difficulty for a standalone map. The map is completable from pistol start to finish without finding any secrets, and is fairly nonlinear. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and encouraged.   Map: Tricks and Traps Redux. Replaces MAP08 in DOOM 2 The map does not have Difficulty settings. Compatibility is Boom. Thanks Pegleg! Freelook is fine. No jumping or Crouching are intended. Map was tested using Zandronum, and created with GZDB in Boom: Doom 2(Doom format) I hope you all enjoy what i've made and I look forward to bringing more maps in the future! Version 1.2 Update: Tricks and Traps  Changelog: Fixed a couple textures and added a couple things to shoot towards the end of the map. Download link should be working properly now. Adjusted the amount of cells, health and armor.