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Trying to make a projectile leave a blood splat decal on the wall


I don't know how to approach this. Do I edit the projectile? What lump should I add? For example, should I add to the projectile's death code something like


SpawnDecal BloodSplat?


Also, I don't want the projectile to have a chance of leaving a decal - I want it to leave it 100% of the times. I know I could make something like


decal BloodBurst


pic BLOOD1

shade "08 08 08"





But I want to use the standard blood decal so I'm looking for the easiest way possible.

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Posted (edited)

I think you can just add "Decal BloodBurst" as an actor property on the projectile.

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Posted (edited)

EDIT: it works, thank you:)


  Radius 2
  Height 8
  Speed 25
  Damage 2
  Decal BloodSmear

Edited by Szuran

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