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Death Comes Not Gently to the Wicked

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Oooh a ReX map. Enjay clicks and starts downloading.

Nice to the point posting.

Gentle prod...

It's not the Relusian Space Station though is it?

Just following your orders :-)

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Enjay said:

It's not the Relusian Space Station though is it?

You wouldn't for a moment imagine that I'd release RSS without giving a certain NutJob the opportunity to first pick it apart, piece by piece, would you?

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He he.

No, and to be clear that wasn't an "OMG has he released Relusian?" it was a "Tsk tsk get back to work. This map may be fine, but it's not what you're supposed to be doing is it?"


As for the map, you like 'em big don'tcha. As ever a fantastic map with big powerful architecture. I wandered around for quite a while after the initial slaughter seeing, but unable to find out how to get, the first key. Once I got it however, things fell nicely into place.

Despite the buildings not being heavily loaded with lots of nooks and crannies etc (definitely not a criticism, just a style comment - they were very concrete tower-like particularly inside) they felt strangley real. There was a logic, solidity and 3D-ness to them that made it feel like you were going up inside a believable set of buildings. Despite of course that were not really true 3D at all, or that they didn't obviously serve any real purpose other than housing Hell Spawn to kill. Very satisfying though. :-)

Took me 32 minutes first time through.

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