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I once again find myself going to DoomWorld for criticism on my Doom map to improve myself so I ended up making a single level WAD for Doom 2 I am actually quite proud of but no map is perfect I come here for some things to improve myself in other than the difficulty which yes after a good 3 hours I managed to beat my level after it being made I did it on Ultra-Violence but I did make it so there is differences in the difficulty which I didn't make them before from well laziness  but feel free to let loose on my level on what I can improve on thanks.


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You could add couple if screenshots, so it would get more attention. 

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Thanks for making this map. I can see you really tried to make it difficult. However, all but the first fight are quite one dimensional, you never really get trapped and can funnel every monster through a doorway. That combined with monsters being ineffectively placed (archviles trapped in rooms / can't follow you etc) added up to this wad being quite easy overall. There weren't too many monsters at once either - the first fight was hectic though. There was an overabundance of shells and cells, I never really had to worry about ammo.


I found navigating the map a bit difficult and ended up getting lost for a good five minutes while looking for the progression path. There were a few instances of having to flip a switch then run around the rest of the map figuring out what the heck it did.


The map isn't very detailed and feels like one long corridor. There's a few glaring technical issues too, namely hell knights and shotgunners stacked on each other and unable to move (you can see it in the video below) and blocking hanging bodies needlessly obstructing your movement.


I can see what you're going for in this map but you missed the mark due to execution. I can see how this map could be hard but as you can see in my playthrough below it wasn't really that difficult if you play a bit carefully. I would recommend playing through this wad.


There's some info missing from your post, which port was this designed for? Should we be using a specific complevel? I was playing in prboom+ and didn't have issues but you should specify what port you're targeting.



Here's my playthrough, you can see my first (and failed) attempts at the beginning.





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This version is harder and was tested with GZDOOM less overall ammo and health and a few of the general bugs like shotgunners in the Hell Knights but that never happened in GZDOOM should have accounted for all versions not just my own but anyways this new version has less ammo,health and one of the secrets has been fixed it didn't have any items.





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