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How to contribute translations and improvements to Freedoom for android (GZDoom)

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I've been working some more on Freedoom for android, it's forked from an earlier version of doom touch (open source) with the goal of providing a free, simple, and open source way to run doom on android.


The app has been decently popular among users whom speak Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. I've translated the app into 31 languages, but many of them were auto-translated with some basic manual tweaking. If you speak any languages other than English, it would be great if you could help improve the translation:



I also plan on integrating a simple idgames browser/downloader as a part of the app by pulling code from here (with permission):



Beyond that, I hope to eventually do some more maintenance to bring this port closer to parity with delta touch (while sticking maintaining support for many users with less powerful devices). If you're interested in contributing, pull requests are welcome at the following Github:


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