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FRAG: a Doom-themed Miniatures Game

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Hello Doomworld


A couple of years ago I started making a tabletop game based on Doom (and similar games). I wrote a few army lists and converted some figures to play games with my friends. Since then I've continued working on it and the whole project has grown into a full blown miniatures game. I thought I'd share it with you, since you were (sort-of) the inspiration for it.



You can download a copy of the rules here

FRAG is a 28mm wargame for mass battles set in a 90s FPS inspired universe. There are a lot of references to the Doom modding scene.


The five main factions:

 - The Legion of the Lost: Doomed space marines who vanished in a catastrophic accident, but who have returned to wreck vengeance on Hell... (I use Maelstrom's Edge Epirian Contractor kits with Pig Iron heads, but any generic sci-fi infantry will do) [Doom / Quake]

 - Hell: Demons. By using their wargear options, they can be adapted for a lot of different miniatures despite being portrayed as Doom monsters. (any demon figures will do, but I use a mixture of Mantic Abyssals and 3D printed models) [Doom]

 - Earth Defence Force: The Earth Council is attempting to repel the demons using hordes of conventional soldiers and a handful of elite operators. (any sci-fi infantry models will do; I have some Mantic GCPS infantry, Wargames Atlantic just released some nice not-Steel Legion that would work) [Duke Nukem / Deus Ex / Call of Duty]

 - The New Order: Evil humans from an alternate Earth where Spain, Italy and Germany won World War 2 after making a pact with an eldritch abomination. (I use Bolt Action / Konflikt 47 Germans for these] [Wolfenstein / Rise of the Triad]

 - SHAMAN: an evil AI that wants to forcibly convert humanity into machine-hybrids and become an Elder God. (I use Warzone Resurrection Cybertronic, but Warlord's Gates of Antares could work) [Strogg / System Shock]


There's an expansion book in the works called The New Technology. It will introduce vehicles, expand the existing army lists, add new four new factions (evil cultists, fantasy adventurers, high-tech humans, and a Japanese megacorp), and introduce a LOT of special characters based on well-known Doom mods and retro-FPS heroes.


Disclaimer: To illustrate the book I used pictures found on image boards and booru's. I apologize if I have upset anyone by doing this - I have tried to credit artists where I can and I'd be happy to add credit or remove any pictures if asked.


You can download the FRAG Rulebook here

I blog about FRAG, video games and tabletop games here


Pics of the Models I Use:




Above (clockwise): Cyberdemon (28mm marine to scale); Pinky demon test print; x4 Imps and keycard objective markers; x2 Mancubi; Quake (unique character for the Sidhe faction) and heavy weapon marine; Soldat, Angel of Death, marine; three unique characters (Caleb, Doomguy, Corzo White) and two Elite Guard officers.


[Update 05.12.19: Accidentally linked to the wrong version, sorry! Latest version is now linked.]

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