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Nathanandersonart's Doom Art

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Hello community,

by looking into Newgrounds' art portal a few days/weeks ago I found a guy whose nickname is nathanandersonart who is a total badass artist! He did some realistic renditions of Doom monsters that are freaking cool as hell! (If I were a dedicated pixel artist, I would try to recreate this into sprites for a Doom mod, they are awesome.)


I'll leave here some of his art. He also has many other monsters drawn, like Mancubus, Zombiemen, Baron of Hell, Pain Elementals & Lost Soul, Arch-Vile, etc.

Do yourself a favor and go check his Newgrounds account: nathanandersonart's Newgrounds profile






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Nathan Anderson did a great job! I particularly like the merger of beast and technology. Cybernetic horror is such an awesome genre.

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