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How to add multiple text screens in a wad?

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Hello Fellow Doomers 

is it possible to add multiple text screens in a Wad? 

Like the Text screen Works for the first Map 

but no matter what i try the 2nd maps Text screen Doesn't work 

any help will be greatly appreciated! :)


this what i have










Map MAP01 "SS Research Sector"
LevelNum = 1
Next = "MAP02"
SecretNext = "MAP02"
Sky1 = "SKY1"
Cluster = 1
Music = "D_RUNNIN"

Cluster 1
Flat = "FLOOR4_8"
Music = "D_VICTOR"
ExitText = "Awakening From Your Eternal Slumber",
"This Limbo Begins once Anew",
"No Choice No Mercy and Hesitation",
  "You Tear Your way through this Facility",
"Against The Ancient Evil Going Rampent",
"Signs of Hell Begining it's Conversion Can be seen",
"You Need to Head deeper And Locate Ground Zero",
"Of this Infestation And Close Their Access",
"to this Reality Before it's to Late...",

Map MAP02 "The Fancy Halls"
LevelNum = 2
Next = "MAP03"
SecretNext = "MAP03"
Sky1 = "SKY1"
Cluster = 2

Cluster 2
Flat = "FLOOR4_8"
Music = "D_VICTOR"
ExitText = "Test"

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Maybe try removing the trailing comma on "to this Reality Before it's to Late...". The last line does not need a comma.


Also try putting the cluster definitions beside each other instead of between maps.


So you have



cluster 1

cluster 2


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