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Neural network generates text from any prompt

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The former human and the former sergeant, the young American will also join the British unit in South Korea.

This isn't the first time Bradley has been involved with the international security forces. The Army is holding the title of 'most highly decorated individual to command' for its role as lead negotiator in negotiations with Iraq's former military dictatorship.

Since the United States military took credit for taking over Iraq in 2003, the United States has also received the title of 'most successful military coalition in the history of humankind'.

US troops, US Special Forces and US special forces veterans have taken part in many international conflicts over the last 40 years. In Iraq, they continue to be deployed, providing security while ensuring that not a single American was caught up in the ensuing chaos. In Afghanistan, US troops have been fighting against terrorist terrorists for over 10 years and have

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Inputting some LOTR names results in some funny stuff.


Frodo and Galadriel decided to kiss behind the fountain when the other elves left. Frodo turned to face her, but she just shrugged. As far as he knew she had no desire to spend time with him. Her eyes were not focused on him. For Frodo, it was as if she wasn't looking at him at all.

Galadriel sat on a tree branch with her hair tumbled up into the air, listening to the voices of the treefolk nearby. Galadriel realized he was looking at her, but did not show it. Galadriel's hand brushed against his shirt and she closed her eyes to let him feel her soft touch. She was still sitting and listening when Frodo leaned over to sit beside her.

Frodo leaned his head over to her side. He looked up as she looked back slightly. She spoke in a soft voice and said, "What are they?"

Galadriel opened her eyes, "Davros seems to think of you as his favorite woman."


Frodo tripped on Gandalf's staff and got his codpiece stuck in the door; the Ring was missing.


He was speaking, but Elrond had only a hint of a giggle. He then asked Frodo not to worry - only then did the Elven Lord laugh in a little joy.


He then went to a camp on the western bank of the river Goolag, near the tomb of the "mother of Elinor", the daughter of the High King in the days of the Third Age. Frodo tried to leave that camp, but was arrested (for breaking the law of hospitality) and forced to sign an oath that he would not go back.

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And this thing isn't working for me... shame.



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This is becoming too addictive.


Jacob's Shadow, Chapter 34

Jacob sat down on the bench and unrolled his chess board onto the rough stone table in front of him. As he was removing his playing pieces, a shadow fell across the board. He looked up, squinting into the sun.
The figure in shadow stepped out of the shadow slowly and looked directly at him.

Jacob looked at him, confused, but the figure was still there, still staring down at his body as if it were trying to decide whether he was truly at peace.

The shadows moved around, as if they were standing on their own feet but suddenly they stopped, as if the entire world had stopped around them. The figure stepped into the path as if something was waiting out of the blue, ready to tear through with ease.

The figure paused, but there was only silence. Jacob didn't say anything, he just watched as the shadow passed by him and then vanished behind the shadow.

There was another shadow.



6. The Shadows' World

"You must be extremely careful, for you are about to fall prey to the inorganic beings," don Juan said to me, quite unexpectedly, after we had been talking about something totally unrelated to dreaming. His statement caught me by surprise. As usual, I attempted to defend myself.

"How can you say nothing about something like this, do you think?" It was not because I did not know.

"This is the very reason when we say that we must think seriously of dreams," replied Don Juan. "In reality, these entities seem to speak in the first person, in direct communication with their subjects. We shall never understand precisely what they mean or how they plan this world. What could they wish to achieve with all the energy that the human soul needs? These beings may also wish to create a new dream world according to their own terms. It would seem then that we have little time.

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Posted (edited)

The first sentence of the first blood book goes great with this, a lot of times its rambo in a different profession, one time i even got movie star rambo, but 6 year old rambo wrestling made me laugh


His name was Rambo, and he was just some nothing kid for all anybody knew, standing by the pump of a gas station at the outskirts of Madison, Kentucky. Rambo had come from Missouri to spend his summer in the nearby Kentucky hills. There had been rumors that Rambo's parents would kill him if he didn't stay with them, but neither his mother nor his father ever really spoke of the matter.

But after several weekends of living at the side house, his parents started asking if he would try out to wrestle for a team. He was 6, about to begin his first year in American wrestling. What made him especially interested in wrestling with his parents was his family size that had increased since graduating high school. Most kids who start out in this situation are in their mid teens, maybe early twenties. Rambo was in the middle of his first year of college, about 15

Also after doing a small paragraph from masters of doom i got this


In this world, no gamers were more skilled and driven than the co-creators of Doom and Quake, John Carmack and John Romero, or, as they were known, the Two Johns.  After developing their first game for the fledgling Doom developer, Doom II, they were invited back to work on the original Doom game for the next two years. Their first contribution came in 2006 and while it was a very polished game, it wasn't entirely well received. The game was rereleased on consoles after a much shorter period of time, following up a successful PC port, but in 2008, developer id Software stopped development on Doom 3, leaving the two men to make a sequel to the game that would be better remembered.

While the two Johns' game series were relatively independent, their work together, through id Software's id Tech 5, was also collaborative, allowing them to develop all of their own games after id departed

Lots of id software terms

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...Yeahhh, this one is a gem. For what it's worth, I intended for something out of a murder mystery.


It turned out... rather different.


And it's definitely NSFW, so don't click that spoiler if there's prying eyes nearby.



She gripped me by the throat with murder clearly in her eyes. She whispered as she pulled my head away from her crotch before she stood my head up and began to pummel me with her ass. I heard something snap inside me for a second, but she kept going. Her lips parted, she bit her lower lip, and her teeth bared. The pain I could feel was intense.

I could finally breathe, though it was so intense after a while. She wasn't giving up on me. She slowly and viciously drove that tongue into my mouth and made me cum again and again. Once her eyes closed I heard that she started to moan out "oh, daddy! Daddy, please fuck my brains out!" Her cock was so hard I feared it could burst from the lack of oxygen in my lungs. Her tongue was still digging into my ass as she bit it again. She grabbed hold while I pulled away, her ass shaking and I couldn't believe this was happening. 


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What is the cacodemon?

The cacodemon is the creator of all good stuff...he is the embodiment of bad stuff. He can only be destroyed by the good thing that he creates. His existence is the worst in the universe: it is his nature to be a destroyer.

What happened in the beginning?

The existence that was created by the deity was not what was meant for the universe, since the creator of that universe did not even get a chance to work out the consequences. If only humans would follow a God-in-exile like him.

What happened later?

It may have been a short while before humans had a chance to be reborn and become gods, since they didn't have any knowledge they needed to apply for an opening.

The existence that was created by the deity in this reality also did not have knowledge when it was created. In this reality, all the members have the knowledge


Holy shit, cacodemons are lovercraftian evil gods? This is epic.

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Is Doomguy really Duke Nukem? Is he a clone of Duke Nukem? Are we seeing Duke Nukem? Can you see DontDestroyMyGoonz from another planet? Oh man, is the time of Doomguy coming!

The Doomguy

You don't hear many stories about Doomguy, you know? Most probably we don't remember, and we'll forget. We all know Duke Nukem was the greatest thing in video gaming for years. But you can be forgiven for not knowing the true tale of that greatest hero of all time, Doomguy. The most famous guy in the history of fighting games is dead. The most famous fighting game is also gone forever. To be precise, he was dead to all and gone for good.

What did Duke go through? Did he give a shit? Did the rest of us? Oh, he did. For him to go back in time to protect his beloved game, but to do so he needed to be killed. Not only that, but Doomguy went back in time even to his death to get that kill in order, with a few extra years, to save Duke's


Is Samus Aran just a suit of armor with a corpse inside? Or is it more likely a creature?

If you think you're looking around here with a flashlight, you're looking at nothing but dead things, so no I don't understand this one.

It's a suit with a corpse inside. It had a little skull in it. I could have sworn I saw that on a Metroid.

Anonymous 02/27/16 (Fri) 08:17:45 PM No. 98243 I like that the old man has never left and is actually the same person in all screenshots.

Anonymous 02/27/16 (Fri) 09:01:29 PM No. 98244 >>98213

It's her real name. It's her real name.

Anonymous 02/27/16 (Fri) 09:09:17 PM No. 98245 File: 1502079089822.png (4.56 MB, 480x1224, tumblr_n9YQqrW1rZl9a1t1… .png) http://i.imgur.com/kcEqD.jpg

Anonymous 02/27/16 (Fri) 09:15:23 PM No. 98246 File: 1502080615659.png (18.52 KB, 500x640, tumblr_n9Xh8kM.png) https://cdn-scontent-1,0.xx.

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The unknown secrets of E1M1. The input: descriptions of the two first E1M1 secrets from the Doom Wiki. The outputs:


Head to the dark room to find a room with no light and a dead guard, but a ladder on the wall leading into an upstairs hallway. Go down the ladder for some more enemies (I). Activate the room with the black armor, then descend the ladder and follow it to the dark room (J). Activate the chest for a chest with a hidden secret. (sector 87)


This room contains a treasure chest containing three items and a map. If you exit out of here with it, it disappears before you return to the light. You'll have to reenter the light in order to open it. The map has the coordinates from the "H" you entered above and a description of the area on the map, for example:
F3 = F4 = 6.F3 = 5.F4 = 3.F3 = 1 0.4 0.3 -8.5 0.3 9.9 2.23
(sector 89)

A large wooden cage can be found in the northwest corner of the large room. To reach it, kill one of the four monsters on the left of the cage and one of the two monsters on the right. (sector 86)

The light is bright enough to see the exit. (sector 87) The room at the left with the red door and a body in it now contains a woman with her head missing. (sector 89)

Continue past the locked door and examine the chest with the ammo. On the wall behind the wall with an old map is a large red button with the code (H5) and code (H6) written down on it. (sector 83)


After entering the secret chamber, drop down the ladder with the imp(s) to reach a hidden area which consists of a dead body and a door with an exclamation mark (J). The door to this room has a trap installed so pick it up and examine it. You can pick up the chest with the letter L. Leave the room, following the letter J, where you'll notice a locked door (K), which appears when the player is killed by the imp. A telemarketer will be sitting at a desk waiting for players to go in.
Upon killing the imp, the telemarketer will show a message telling the player they've been detected by The King of the Thieves. A random message will come up in the console (Q) asking if the player intends to accept a trade. Accepting the trade will lead the telemarketer to drop 3,000 gold to the player.


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Posted (edited)

doom 2 with a $200,000-plus payout from Valve and $200,000 from Nvidia.

What will get Valve's attention?

I believe a good portion – maybe 80% – of that money belongs to them as opposed to Valve's shareholders, who in some cases have not paid anything.

In addition to that, the people from Valve do not agree. They believe in making changes in the future to the game (in the form of patch/patch upgrades, content updates, etc.) as opposed to fixing an issue which was found last time, but which had no way of changing by the time they patched the patch today.

What can Valve do (or not do) to stop that ?

- They can not change. They may patch to fix the issue in the future, but they cannot prevent the issue from occurring for the foreseeable future. I don't know if it's possible for Valve to fix all outstanding issues (that were reported earlier by users or Valve itself) without causing trouble for others


cambreaKer went to a cool building and found a random man who said "

You should make sure there are at least two people there with you.

Ker went to a cool building and found a random man who said " The door is locked. This person is dangerous.

I will not be intimidated by a man that is only in high school.

I will not be intimidated by a man who will steal my wallet!

I will not be intimidated by a guy with horns!



This is my most favourite race of all. I'd rather have a black man or a green woman.

Edited by cambreaKer

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32in24-7: Return of the Night of Capture the Flag
32in24-8: DWANGO2008
32in24-9: Return of DUEL CORE
32in24-11: Occupy Doomworld
32in24-12: IRON MAPPER
32in24-13: A Thanksgiving Without Burgers
32in24-14: How the Hamburglar Stole Christmas!
32in24-15: DWANGO Unchained
32in24-16: DOOT CTF
32in24-17: 3 Flags 3 Furious

32in24-18: SINCE 2007
32in24-19: DOOM4HOLES
32in24-23: ARGUMENT! DOOM 4: The Day the Army Rode Out

This seems accurate somehow..

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So I decided to write a longer prompt to see what it would come up with.


Black, steaming blood oozed from the demons chest as Orgrath pulled his blade free. In the darkness of the ruined fortress the battle raged and demons fell to the swords of the Orc mercenaries. Orgrath turned and stared down the demon war machines with a glare that burned in his soul. A red mist from the raging inferno descended upon the fortress as Orgrath charged the demons' shields, using the massive iron shields as his attacking line of defense. The Orcs war machines rolled as they came under an onslaught of magic, but their shields were strong and they resisted the attack with all they had! Orgrath had finally managed to penetrate to the highest levels of the fortress.


Orgrath watched and laughed in triumph as he finished off his last of the demons, sending a massive wave of smoke into the air. His final victory was over. To Orgrath at least, victory didn't have to be a one way ticket.

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