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Problems with 1024 Wads in PrBoom

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I dont know if the original (congestion) has this problem but in 1024 Claustrophobia and Claustrophobia 2 the shootable switches you need to hit to proceed do not react when fired at in PrBoom+. They dont even display bulletpuffs.

The readme for the wads say they're boom-compatible so there shouldn't be a problem.

Honestly ive never had this problem come up where a shootable switch doesn't react, in these wads or others.

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Make sure the default compatibility level is set to "Boom".


Prboom+ will emulate a wide range of behaviours as accurately as possible, and if you are telling it to emulate vanilla Doom2.exe, then Boom specials will not work.

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Thanks man that fixed it

It was set to "Final Doom" and id forgotten about the option altogether pretty much.

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