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Blunted Player

Help with savegame files on ZDoom

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I will say this as short as i can so you can understand me fast:


I used to play Plutonia 2 on a Folder on the desktop, on ZDoom. Then, i moved all that Folder to an External Disk


Then, after a little time, i wanted to play it again, and moved this Folder from the Disk to the Desktop. Now, when i launch pl2.exe theres not saves on the save list.


The files of the game and the savefiles are still on the same folder, this files are .zds extensions.


Im looking for some help, how can i make ZDoom to recognize this files again? can i use this saves in another engine? what should i do?

I use this saves to run a YouTube run, so im very desperate.


Thank you!

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The saves will only work on the same version of ZDoom that they were created with. I assume you are using the same version. I don't know how you are running it (what is pl2.exe?) but dragging the Plutonia 2 WAD onto zdoom.exe should suffice. If you do this, the saves should be appearing.


If they are not appearing, you have some options:


1. Restart your playthrough

2. Warp to the last map you were on and pistol start from it and resume here

3. Warp to the last map you were on and give yourself the items/ammo you had when you were there before using the console

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Thank you for the fast answer.


Actually dragging the .zds saves into ZDoom folder will show the saves on the game, but the "different version" as you said.


I dont changed any so i guess im playing it in the same version.


So, i will just run at the same Ammo and load the level.


I playing Plutonia 2, and the map i suposed to play now is Map 13: hard facility


can you tell me the command that i should use on the console?


Thank you!

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Posted (edited)

Use "map map13" in console or IDCLEV13 ingame. To spawn weapons/ammo use "summon shotgun", "summon shell" etc in console. You can find which classes you can spawn on the ZDoom wiki or by typing "dumpclasses inventory" in the console.

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