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Doom: Hell on Earth 1.1

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Into the Dark – Part 1

An earsplitting explosion made us all jump and the APC suddenly slowed down, moving unstably and came to a stop. We could feel the whole vehicle shake violently as the bottom of the APC landed on the ground with a loud crunch. Lots of thoughts zapped through my head in this very instant, yet the train of thoughts lasted less than a second.
“Shit! Shit! SHIT! Everybody out, the engines have taken damage, everybody out! Move, move, MOVE!” Sergeant Anderson’s voice roared over the thundering explosions and horrible screams.

I rushed out of the APC ramp even before the ramp was completely lowered and before I was even aware of it I was outside, running blindly in the same direction as all the other troops.

Everything was chaos. Confusing yells, explosions, screams, bones cracking, splattering of blood and meat chunks hitting the muddy ground below the troops’ boots were only some of the terrible sounds that reached my ears.
Thick smoke filled the air and made it foggy. The smell of burnt corpses filled my nose and the ground was burnt, grassless, filled with craters created by heavy shells and other sorts of heavy firepower and the ground itself was quite muddy.
My boots splashed into the mud with a disgusting, wet sound while I just ran and ran. I leapt down into muddy craters left by heavy shells staining my combat suit with stinking mud, hiding behind ruined armored vehicles from time to time, but always kept my mind focused on one thing: Get to the star base, just get inside the fucking base!
A marine next to me was suddenly transformed into limbs, blood and ruined internal organs as a burst of explosive shells ripped him apart. I completely ignored that his remains splattered onto my right arm and armor but I threw myself into a crater to avoid getting hit by that same burst, landing into the mud-filled hole with a thick, splashing sound. I could feel the enormous air pressure of several shells whizzing past right above my head. That was a close one I realized, but I didn’t for a moment let this experience stop me.

The sounds of gunfire and explosions were ear piercing. I could clearly hear the thundering of the gun turrets on the outer walls of the Star base.

I looked up and was surprised to see that I was a lot closer to the enormous installation than I thought I was. The brown walls of Omega loomed ominously over the grisly battlefield.
I caught a glimpse of scores of ruined bodies, halfway buried in the mud.

I heard wounded and dying soldiers call out the names of their loved ones, squad leaders and officers yelling at their men, ordering them to continue the fight to which some defiantly replied things like: “What fight???”, “This shit is fucking suicide!” and “We’re dying here, not fighting!”

And suddenly I heard the animal roaring sounds of hundreds of horrific creatures among the sounds of yelling and dying soldiers. The bastards are counter attacking!
Hiding behind a ruined APC I quickly checked my BFG. It was muddy but unscathed. I quickly peeked under a wheel of the APC and saw a living wall of flesh tearing monsters of all sorts.

“FIRE IN THE HOLE!” I roared, while jumping out of hiding.
The BFG wound up and with a loud sizzle, it sent a bright green ball of energy at the horde of monsters ahead of me. I ran forward and while I ran, I saw how the ball of energy slammed into the demons with terrifying force, ripping the nearest ones apart and in the next instant, the assaulting human troops witnessed a spectacular sight of fireworks as bright flashes of green turned several surviving baddies inside out. I wasted no time, but fired the BFG again and again whenever it had fired off its secondary death ray, steadily clearing a path into the star port.

I briefly caught a glimpse of another soldier backing me up with an earlier type of BFG. This one was gray and somehow looked clumsier. Whenever the soldier fired to my right side, hundreds of bright bolts of burning energy flew out in a spread, burning several baddies in its path. The next instant, a Baron of Hell tore him off the ground like a stuffed doll, ripping off his right leg. The BFG weapon flew out of his grasp and I vaguely heard his scream. Like in a dream.
I turned my head away from the dying soldier who had backed me up until he met his fate at the hands of the goatish demon, and saw a host of monsters rushing towards me.

I sent a plasma ball straight into the horde, tearing apart half of them. A Bull Demon roared and charged at me. I stopped dead in my tracks as it rushed towards me. Seconds before it reached me, I leapt back and the monster snapped its teeth into thin air.
A nearby soldier blew it away with a double-barreled combat shotgun. I didn’t see the soldier who killed it, but I heard the thunderous roar of the combat shotgun, which was rather close, and caught a brief glimpse of the demon getting thrown back into a few more advancing monsters. There was nothing more than a horrible mess of red blood, torn flesh and a large hole where its misshapen head had been.

And suddenly without warning, I found myself past the outer walls and inside the star base. I didn’t know how I managed to get inside but I was definitely on the right side of the walls as I wasn’t under fire from turret cannons anymore. But it didn’t stop here. I was greeted by a host of misshapen monsters ranging from the lowly imps to the horrendously disgusting mancubus creatures with their devastating flamethrowers. Large twin gouts of flame illuminated the gloomy room when they fired. I saw a marine disappear in the flames and the next instant, he ran around screaming like crazy – his body scorched, black and wreathed in fire. His scream was terrible. Distorted. Like the scream of a damned soul in Hell.

I fired the BFG again, killing the nearest mancubus among a number of other monsters but now the ammo indicator in the lower left corner of my visor flashed a bright red – out of ammo. I leapt behind a metal wall as a rain of destruction from various creatures went my way and folded the BFG up before quickly putting it into my backpack. I still had my pistol and my single-barreled pump-action shotgun. The pistol was too meager a weapon in this case, so I pulled out the shotgun just as an imp landed just inches before me. It lashed out with its clawed hand, but I ducked feeling the heat of a fireball flying clean over my head and blew the brown, spiky demon away while I was crouching. I saw with grim satisfaction how the monster was hurled into the air from the blast, while bending over, its guts and blood flowing out of the hole in its stomach and it’s burning red eyes and ugly mouth both wide with agony.
Another imp launched itself at me, but the shotgun blast caught it in midair and its dead body landed right were I had been standing before I stepped aside with a sickening thud. I grinned insanely. It was not only the grin of a madman. I was wearing the grin of the grim reaper and my cold eyes showed no mercy. Only insanity.

I had noticed three other marines before, but now I saw nothing but an endless host of baddies advancing on me. My ammo counter quickly told me that I had nowhere near enough shells to kill them all – I had to avoid them for now and find ammunition as soon as possible. Angrily gritting my teeth, I looked around for a way to avoid the bulk of the monster horde.

I ran into a hallway, blasting away a few imps that were blocking my way with my pump-action shotgun and just ran like crazy. The inhuman screams of the monsters were behind me. I could hear them roar and scream and the sounds told me that they were in hot pursuit. But the sounds slowly dissipated, yet I continued running. Without warning, the darkness of a hallway with no lights surrounded me.


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holy crap, dude. I'm picturing intense, boiling action scenes put to a nasty metal soundtrack. you paint a beautiful picture of mayhem. keep em coming.

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