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Maps are missing!

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I've been making maps and saving them into a single wad file, named MAP01, MAP02 and so on. When I made MAP10, all 9 other maps have vanished from the wad. Only MAP10 is editable now :(


Any ideas? I've spent so much time on these maps!.




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I'm not sure why they would have vanished but they may still be there inside one or more backups of the WAD that is created by the editor.


Go to wherever your WAD is being saved/edited and you should see duplicate files but with extension .backup with numbers. With luck one might be larger than the current .wad file which means the other maps are inside it.


Then you only need rename it to .wad and it should be salvaged. SLADE should also keep a backup if I recall correctly.


Remember to always keep regular backups of your files, in multiple locations/drives if possible.

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I should've known to check for backups! Rookie mistake.


Thanks, all recovered.


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A good policy is to make your own backups, after significant progress. The best way, in my opinion, is to do it like this:

  1. Close the map editor.
  2. Find your file and make a copy, and name it like this:

If your file is named "CoolMaps.wad", make a copy, and name it "CoolMaps_2019-05-14.wad". Or, for multiple edits on the same day, use "CoolMaps_2019-05-14_A.wad".


The important thing is to use year-month-day, always prefixing with zeros when the month or day is less than 10. That allows you to sort your files by name, and they will sort in order properly, making it very easy to choose the right file.


By making your own backups, you don't have to trust the map editor to do the right thing - you know you have working copies. That's what I do with any program that deals with files that I edit. I hate losing work, and have learned to minimize the loss, you know? :)


Good luck!


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