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NOOB - How do I use higher res wall textures?


I just started editing with SLADE and I am using DOOM2.WAD as my main file.

In my mod I want to use higher res textures on the walls 256x256. It will load the textures and display them, but when I launch the game (GZDoom), it only renders part of the texture using the same original low res. How can I make it render the full textures 256x256? I also tried ZDoom and it just glitches.

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You have to scale the texture. The easiest way is using UDMF format. In GZDB, select the line, and there's an option for "Scale" on the Front and Back properties. Just increase the scale to make the texture appear smaller.


Alternatively if you aren't using UDMF, or you don't want to manually scale each texture every time, you can define a scale using the TEXTURES lump.

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Posted (edited)

Download Kurikai's HD texture pack for ZDoom and drag it onto the GZDoom icon.


To see how it was constructed, check it out in Slade3.

Of importance is the hires folder and that the textures retain the name of the texture

they are to replace.





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