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Sample Rates & FPS Rates

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What is the sample rate/FPS that you use??  11050, 22050, 44100??  35 or 60? or uncapp?



I've used 22050 many times because i read thats how the doom sounds where suppose to be played on, but somtimes I use 44100.


FPS... I'm still trying to find the best one so I can play without seasick... i tried 33, 32,34.  I'm going to try 25 FPS on prboom today. 

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Posted (edited)

Usually, I like to downsample some custom sounds to 11025 so they fit better with everything else. Only the multiplayer item respawn sound and the SSG's reload sounds are 22050 in Vanilla Doom, although they were downsampled to 11025 for Final Doom.

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Posted (edited)

I can't stand low sample rates, so I throw it all the way up to 48000 if I can. When it comes to the framerate, I always play at 60 FPS (since that's the most my display can handle) if the port I'm using supports it.

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