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Mother's Day 2019...remembering mine...

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So it's Mother's Day weekend. A sad one for me. Because she passed away earlier this year - January 31. It's a year of terrible firsts and this is a hard one.


I lived with her (and dad) all my life so far. She was a wonderful parent and wife (my father has also had/has some really intense grief over the loss of his 40-year spouse, I've tried to help when it's gotten really bad. Seems he is taking this hit even harder than me...). She got along really well with dad and did so many things to help make me who I am - only recently did it truly hit me just how much of her life she had spent to make mine better.


I know it's been a few months but really not very long at all for a loss like this & I thought I'd make a public post for the occasion.

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I know what it's like to lose a parent and you know it's gonna suck but when it actually happens you have no idea how bad it can be. My father has been gone for almost 6 years. Stuff happened afterwards that I really don't think about for long but it was pretty bad yet we survived it all. Mom took it really hard. All you can really do is support your family best you can, remember the good times and get on with it. Things are better now. Time does heal, but there will always be that missing part and hurt and pain but its not so raw anymore. Time and friends and family help. All the best to you.

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@Doom_DudeThanks for the words...yeah for me too the other parent i.e. surviving spouse/widow(er), out of anyone the death is hardest for them to handle emotionally. I hope time helps, I don't like to use the word 'heal' here since it cannot do anything to actually fill the hole or eliminate the ache,  but if time even helps make grief less raw and frequent that is what I most hope for. 

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