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Edit max ammo for a custom ammo type?

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Posted (edited)

So first off I have no previous modding experience so most of the code lingo i'm not super familiar with. I'm learning some but it's slow.


Anyway I'm using Led's Generic weapons mod and I wanted to change it so that the BFG uses its own ammo (which it gains more from the bulk cell packs), and I seemed to have done what I set out to do. The BFG has the right max clip size, reload amount, and firing amount, which is great. The problem is, I want to make it so the max amount of ammo this new type (i named it BFGcharge) can hold with a backpack is 10. The game for some reason thinks the max is 300 and so when I use IDKFA it gives me 10 ammo for it, but I can keep using the cheat until it puts me at 300, at which point it gives me no more.


The mod also uses a different ammo type for the minigun, so I figured i'd just reference its code and copy paste it for the BFG then make the appropriate changes. That seemed to work, but I don't know why it's thinking I want to hold 300 max ammo for the BFG. Like I said the cheat gives me 10 so I figure it knows that 10 is the number I'm looking for, yet 300 is the perceived max.


Could someone help me out please?


EDIT: For the first time since editing the code, I picked up a BFG ingame. It gave me 10 ammo into my inventory and the mag size of the BFG had 160, which I was set to before the changes I made. So there's another issue.


EDIT 2: Having another issue. 

Bulk cellpacks now use the ammobox sprite and give me 100 cells, as apposed to giving ammo for the BFG.

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