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Who are these Asian bots spamming their advertisements on Doomworld?

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I've had enough of these repeated random occurrences where Asian bots (usually Chinese or Korean, I haven't seen any Japanese ones yet.) spam their advertisements on random sections of Doomworld. It's driving me insane!


Do they even realize that this is an English site? If anything, there are probably only a couple of people on this site who would even understand what these bots are saying, and that's if they even get the chance to read it before it gets taken down.


I'm actually wondering how the Chinese bots in particular managed to get on Doomworld, because IIRC China's internet is heavily censored and they wouldn't be able to access sites dedicated to violent video games such as Doom. Maybe they are from Taiwan or Hong Kong? (I can't read or speak Chinese so I don't know which country in particular they are from.)


Does Doomworld have a CAPTCHA system that prevents these bots from registering on Doomworld?


In comparison to more popular sites like Twitter and YouTube, this site is very small. How and why is Doomworld a popular target for these bots? It would make much more sense for them to spam their crap on other websites where lots of people would actually read them.

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11 minutes ago, crazyflyingdonut said:

Who are these Asian bots spamming their advertisements on Doomworld?

They're all him:


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