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Getting gud with touch controls

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It sucks having a life and responsabilities, and little time for Doom, so I bought Delta Touch so I can play on the go. It's pretty damn good but even after a while playing, the touch controls are still awkward. Something that helped a lot was to put a secondary fire button on the screen and raise the sens, but still. Do you eventually get used to it or should I just get a controller?

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Controller + phone mount. Touch controls aren't viable for anything but the novelty of mediocre, mobile doom play IMO.

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Posted (edited)

Great choice with Delta Touch, it has amazing controls for mobile FPS's.  I've been playing with both this and quad touch for a while now and have some pointers.


First, use gyro functionality.  Whether you use a docking controller or just touch controls it helps out by letting you fine tune your aim, I wish this would be implemented on more Android FPS's.  It's something to get used to but will make it easier to aim, move and fire at the same time.


Second, use a small amount of auto aim.  GZDoom allows for auto aim tweaking depending on playstyle.  I like mouselook, but on mobile it gets difficult because of screen size and your fingers being in the way.  I turn on monsters only and set auto aim near the left side of the slider bar, about 3 key taps is enough for me.  With a crosshair (I use a circle) it should only auto aim in a small area around the crosshair, making it easier to hit your target, but not as much as vanilla's auto aim.


Third, get familiar with the control settings and adjustments.  If you run mods you'll definitely want to find a good layout for controls that'll work for most if not all of your add-ons.  I'll have to post some screenshots of my layout for reference, and maybe some video of game play so you can see how it handles.


I've been long out of the Doom scene and have only recently rediscovered my absolute love for this game and finally decided to quit sitting on the sidelines and participate in the greater Doom community.



Edit:  I have uploaded a screenshot of my control layout, I've moved things around to make it more comfortable for extended play so yours may be different.  I'll split the description by sides of the screen so you have an idea of why I have it set up that way.


Left side of screen at the top is the usual map and back/esc button, next to it is the additional buttons toggle, i use this so the screen isn't as cluttered when I just want to play vanilla or a lightweight mod.  Inventory is up there as well, but I haven't gotten to deep into wads that use it, so it's just out of the way for heretic/hexen/modded play.  The red crosshair icon above the left control stick is my aim down sights button, I keep this redundant with the alt fire button so I can aim down sights no matter what the opposite finger is doing, since most mods have this I learned that one button wasn't enough.  The blue icon underneath is for dual wielding in mods mostly, it's just out of the way enough for my left finger to not accidentally touch it when in heated combat.


Right of the gear at the top is a button for mods that have flashlights mostly, don't need to have quick access and can be rebound if the mod doesn't use flashlights.  Under save and load is months and months of tweaking to get it right, here's a quick description.


Top Green Icon - Grenade if the mod supports it

Red Icon touching the fire button - Reload

Green Lower button - Used for any quick attacks that the mod supports (like Brutal Doom's kick)

Alt Fire - As I said earlier this is also mapped to the red crosshair on the opposite side.


That's about it for my control scheme, this makes it easier to do many of the same things you can do with the controller, but shrank down to be used by two fingers.


I'm getting really into this!  My poor wife has been forced to deal with my Doom obsession and it has been very therapeutic to type this to an audience that just wants more Doom in our lives!


I'm going to definitely post more.


Doom Controls Layout.png

Edited by CrbnBased : Added photo of controls and description.

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First attempt to make a recording of gameplay.  Upload quality is pretty bad, and it wasn't a serious run of the level.  As with everything in life, I hope to improve upon my next attempt.

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I gotta say that was pretty impressive. Almost looks like you're playing with m+kb. Thanks for the tips.

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It took a ton of work to get it just right, but it works so well I don't bother connecting my controller anymore.  I have even used Delta Touch to play multiplayer with others, I'll set them up on my old laptop to with a kb/m and I'll just use my phone.  Every once in a while I'll make a mistake and hit the wrong button, in that vid it was that errant grenade throw.


I've Been thinking of a map/add-on combo that'll test what Beloko's controls can really do. 


Read about the Sunder map pack and I might give that a go to test myself.  Any recommendations from the community would be appreciated.


Also if anyone else uses Delta Touch exclusively and want to trade performance tips I'd love to discuss.  I think the app is amazing!  My laptop is very old and no longer has access to updated drivers and is stuck on opengl 2.1, my phone can handle the effects better than my laptop, it just bogs down when the level is very large, or with sophisticated geometry.  Just hope Emile can get gles3 or vulkan working soon, I want to push my devices and see what they can do.

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