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Miasmic Realms Ultimate Beta 2.5 - 3 New Maps

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Posted (edited)

Welcome to...


                                                                     Beta 2.5



             -27 New Weapons, 41 Additional Monsters to the Originals, and 11 Inventory Items.

             -50 New & Revamped maps with new weapons and things incorporated.

              (6 incomplete - map02, map03, map05, map14, map17, map18)




This wad functions as a hub in Singleplayer and online Survival/Coop Mode. Upon successful completion of a map, the screenshots are set aflame.

(See ABOUTWAD lump for more info on game modes.)




Beta 2.5 Download:



Beta 2 Download:



Upcoming Edits:

-Global int fix to a single array to fix memory overflow in ZDaemon.

-Archvile weapon damage attribution fix

-Berserk mode



Edited by yorivdood

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