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New and Upcoming Twitch Livestreamer(That feels so arrogant to say)

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Hello, my name is IDGam3r, and I am a Twitch Livestreamer, I do a very wide variety of things(Mostly Gaming) at 6pm (GMT +10).


A more comprehensive list of games I livestream can be found at this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10COzUa1_r6Qf-7hXju0rvakO_pKMEHteVGlmRvMili4


If you wanna come by and chat, you welcome to come join me at: https://m.twitch.tv/idgam3rlive/


On a side note: I hate self-promotion, it feels like it’s something only an arrogant, self-centered, selfish, Inconsiderate person do, so promoting myself is very demoralizing.




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