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Doom Something Wad (I'm not good with names)

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So here's my first time posting on to here I hope you would enjoy my unbalanced  doom map I had made.

I was also planning on making a 5 level type of map here. Probably next time I guess.


Also this map was tested using only the outdated source port Zdoom since I'm using the craptop. So expect to see couple of shading issues and some texture clippings here and there when you load it with GZDoom.


Here's the screenshots of it.





Link to the map >https://www.mediafire.com/file/0817pj3wla88988/Doom_something.wad/file


And have fun with it.

Please do not jump off the cliffs casue there really is nothing but water and endless water



Also touhou midi belongs to ZUN (Subterranean Animalism- Walking the former streets of hell)


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This is a cool little map. To be honest I wasn't going in with high expectations (you 100% need a better name lol) but it turned out to be solid. The detailing was good and there was some interesting architecture. I especially liked how the baron teleports away and you have to worry about where he went to, very cool.


The secrets were intuitive and fun - no wall humping (tho I didn't get 100%).


There were a few minor texture alignment issues (brown brick on the staircase) and the doortraks weren't lower unpugged but like I said, that's quite minor.


Here's my playthrough:





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Well I gave your map a good walloping and I must say visually it's quite nice!


Good -


1: Nice use of lighting. Without needing to shade or use dynamic lights, this map's lighting is very well done.

2: Visually appealing. I'm not sure if the keypad buttons are a new texture or straight from DooM 2 but I must say they are a nice touch to a very well detailed map!

3: Good pacing. I never felt like I was going through a slogfest or breezing through faster than sonic. Good balance of action and puzzles (especially one of the secrets :3)


Bad - 

1: The beginning is quite harsh. The amount of enemies you have to deal with and not having armour before hand does hurt a lot, even on HMP.

2: Pretty much every door lacks the signature DOORTRAK texture and isn't un-pegged lower side.

3: Shells seems to be a little lacking here. Granted I did use the super shotty a lot so that my be my fault but a tiiiiny bit more wouldn't hurt :3



Yeah if this is what you call your FIRST map (or at least first posted map) let me know when the next one comes out! I REALLY like your style!


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