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My New Doom wad "THE WARDS OF GALLU"

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* Gameplay is too easy and linear.  I rushed through the levels on Ultra-Violence with no trouble.

* Lots of misaligned textures, especially on doors.

* Exits are not clearly marked or identifiable (they often look the same as regular doors).

* E1M7's layout is just Dead Simple with different textures.


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I second what TheUltimateDoomer said. Very linear, and the first map even has two red keys for some reason? Doors almost never seem to have lower unpegged, and you never mark out which doors require keys.


Levels two and three (I think it was) I just ran past most enemies. Level two is so wide and has so few features you don't even have to bother with anything. Every map that ended with a big square room and a baron (or more), I also just ran past. The same goes for the ending with one cyberdemon. Many maps share pretty much the exact same textures throughout their entirety and are pretty dark as well. Makes it difficult to distinguish between them. Weapon and ammo placement also felt undercooked, with map seven having loads of the same weapons just laying next to each other. Ammo was never ever an issue with how freely you throw it around. Few encounters were interesting as you could just spam your rocket launcher or plasma gun.


If I look at the wad outside the actual maps and gameplay, you use a red text on a reddish background to tell the backstory of the WAD (at least that's what I assume it is?), which makes it really annoying to read. I tried for a moment but gave up. Red on red isn't easy on the eyes.

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Yeah, of course. Some tips I've gotten are obvious like study other maps and think of what makes them good or challenging. No need to make things extra unique when starting out either, best to get a good, solid foundation of a map. Also remember to restrict the area you play in. As I said, many of your areas are just way too large so there's no incentive to fight the monsters.

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This was the eighth wad I covered in this playtesting stream. While I appreciated the custom stuff, methinks more time is needed to be spent on good gameplay. (skipping nearly half the levels by just walking past all the enemies is really wonky design!) Map 4 was the most intense.

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