Brexit V1.0:   When I learned that it was possible to build vanilla voodoo doll conveyors, I was finally motivated to begin writing a WadC library for managing them, something I'd been planning to do for Boom conveyors for years. I started putting together a test map to demonstrate both vanilla conveyors, and applying WadC to managing them. I wanted the test map to be somewhat enjoyable to play and not just a dry test. I hit upon the idea of an homage to classic arcade shooter "Smash TV", and its inspiration "The Running Man" novel.       Working within vanilla limits is a PITA, particular VPO, and so my draft map got smaller and simpler. At some point along the way I decided I wanted to add custom texture definitions but be creative and only use vanilla IWAD patches/assets: i.e., new TEXTURE definitions but no new graphic lumps. I haven't taken that idea particularly far, if you like it consider looking at @fraggle's endless-textures experiment.   RC1 is here: (or: attached to this post) Tested in: Vanilla Doom 2; Chocolate Doom; Crispy Doom; PrBoom (complevel 2); Eternity WILL NOT WORK WITH (G)ZDOOM and likely not Doomsday either.   In terms of what changes I might make prior to "full" release; I'm toying with the idea of a second round of "zombie boxes" if I can get them within the VPO budget. I have vague ideas about a possible simple secret. Maybe player2-4 starts and DM starts (although the conveyor won't start in DM!)   Thanks to Linguica in particular for encouraging me to pursue this, and suggesting I throw in another vanilla-specific special effect/hack that is quite impractical to use generally but made easier in WadC.     Brexit V1.0: