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Nightmares 1984

List of my favorite monsters of realm 667

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Posted (edited)

Hello people of Doomworld, I want to make a list of my favorite monsters in realm667, without further Ado here they are


1.cybruiser, a cybernetic cousin to the hell knights, this brute is programmed to kill.

2.blood fiend, a red cousin of the Pinky demon with bigger horns, they have a blood-spit attack that gives the dilophosaurus from Jurassic Park a run for his money.

3. Mauler demons, looking like the blood fiend except they don't spit blood, but they can be vicious and mean.

4. Blood demon, a Pinky demon with cybernetic enhancements ,some are given chainguns .

5. Afrits, they look like barons of hell except they float around and throw fireballs at you.

6. Diabolist, looking like a red arch-vile, they have a fiery attack that makes them too hot to handle.

7. Hades elemental, these beasts are more deadly than a cacodemon and they can turn invisible too.

8. Dark imps, like regular imps but darker.

9. Bruiser demons .they look like orange barons of hell but more dangerous and throw fireballs at you.


Which are your favorite monsters of realm 667 , list them down below if you please

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