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absolution tc map 15 bug figured

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hello to everyone


I started this topic because I figured out what is the cause to the map 15 bug.

last week I reinstall the doom 64 absolution on my computer, at first I checked map 15

 and I could leave the map from the original exit.

apparently after I combined the outcast levels files to the game's folder and played map 15 again the button behind the yellow door didn't flip.

after a Closer examination to the outcast levels files I found that the Doom64.dll is the cause to this bug.


to sum up, I want to ask if there is a chance someone in this community already created a proper version to this file ? or want/have the time to create a proper version to

this file right now?


e.c I already wrote an email to Kaiser about it


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Posted (edited)

Kaiser isn't supporting that anymore, not when he went further than that and made Doom 64 EX, which is nearly flawless.


So basically, forget about an official fix. Absolution is old, incomplete, and there's a superior alternative.

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Hardly anyone play Absolution TC now.
It's inaccurate, buggy and unstable.

There are actually 2 good alternatives to play Doom 64 on PC now:

  • Doom 64 EX by the creator of Absolution TC itself, requires a ROM of the game to work properly, and a .dll fix if you are on Win10. 
  • Doom 64 Retribution by Nevander, 100% free if you have Doom 2, requires GZDoom; includes a new episode and some Absolution maps IIRC.

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