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My second map pack and its better than my first thanks to you

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Was gonna give it a try but 50MBs is too much for me. I wonder why is it so big.

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I wonder if it is the Blood CDaudio increasing its size? I have not taken a look into the wad yet though.

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49 minutes ago, Kore said:

Was gonna give it a try but 50MBs is too much for me. I wonder why is it so big.

i made it smaller thanks for the advice 

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Posted (edited)

Advice based on screenshots: 


- A couple of those epitomize 'you have some detail there, but the room has nothing of structural interest' -- shot #2 in particular, which is just a box with a light fixture and those zombie pools. Play around with the shape and form of the room more (read: shape in all dimensions, including height levels of surfaces -- just having fun-looking overlay contours is not enough), and then add features like that.


- There is a preference for square architecture but that doesn't suit all of the texture schemes you're working with. In shot #1, it fits with the cuboid texturing, and in #4 the minimalist pattern is appealing plus you have a square flat that matches it. In #2 and #3 it doesn't work so well and signals a lack of visual ideas.


- #4 and #5 are the best shots there. #4 is low key but it has atmosphere. The brick layers in #5 are a very modest form of architecture, but it plays with shape in a way little else in the OP shots does. (The metal seams are weird though -- although perhaps that is an artifact of texture filtering.) The rust cubes in #1 don't fit besidethe stock assets too well, otherwise that one might be relatively serviceable.

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I've been playing and it's pretty fun, I just reached the secret map. Feels like an easygoing mapset from what I've played, very refreshing for me.

I was saddened that I couldn't re-equip the rocket launcher because it was spelled wrong in the Decorate file. I fixed it myself and just giving a heads up to the creator to fix it or rename the rocket launcher weapon.

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I'll give this a look over, I went and found your other thread and these screenshots look much improved.

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Alright! I was looking forward to playing another map by you, so here's a little feedback! 


Map01: The cutscene felt a little pointless and didn't do anything of worth (giving the player context, a goal, etc.) All it did was show the player killing an imp. It just seems like you're messing with the zdoom format. The door before the yellow key is unopenable from the other side, not sure if this is intentional or not. Too many stuck doors, they serve no real purpose. I also noticed that there are several rooms and structures similar to your other set, though scaled down, which improves them significantly.


Map02: This map is a definite improvement over the first. I really like the lighting in the first room with the staircase. Very linear, but fun, map. The stuck door trope is starting to wear on me, though. The fight at the end wasn't terribly exciting, 2 barons is hardly a challenge, more of a boring slog, I'd rather fight 4 revs then 2 barons.


Map03: Very cute concept with this one, the little sprinklers beside the trees were a nice touch. Something I strongly dislike about this map, and the others, is the lack of dynamism. You open a door, and know exactly what's going on in any given room. Every enemy is at the other side of the room waiting for you to walk towards them and gun them down. I can't imagine playing this map without the ssg secret, it would be a bit drab. There's also this huge room you walk into and the only enemies are 3 former humans and a flying meatball. Later in the map, you meet a mean archvile in a room with no cover, and you are guaranteed to get hit at least one, especially if you don't have the SSG and have next to no chance of stunning the guy. I do like the vibe of that area before, which is pretty creepy.


Map04: Last map, not terribly difficult, you just hand out a soulsphere at the end which makes the last fight pretty easy. A lot of what I said previously applies to this map.


Overall, a definite improvement over the original set, you seemed to kick some of the poor habits of the first set such as the overly large rooms (mostly) but other issues still poke their head into every map.

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Well this is an improvement. Encounters are better (Still not always good) and lighting definitely changed and added a lot of atmosphere to the levels overall. There are some words spelled wrong on the intermission page and the 3rd map is spelled wrong (Unless intentional)


Overall a LOT better than the first set released, good job!

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Posted (edited)

I played this with GZDoom 4.1.2, Ultra-violence, no other mods.
Jump and crouching disabled, mouse-look on.


These are all notes I take at the end of each level.


I noticed the shotgun was edited a little bit; but now the edge of the sprite can be seen when you play without the hud. The frame in question is SHTGC0.


Not bad. I didn't find the cutscene added anything, but it's neat you figured out how to do it. The two central pillar rooms look quite nice, nice use of shadow.

The detail level is consistent throughout the level, and it looks nice, but the whole level is at the same elevation, and the whole level has the same height. It also suffers from from the room-corridor-room-corridor problem, which is expected from new mappers. I also noticed you used DOORTRAK on the floors to break up the floor textures, that's personal preference I guess, try lowering the floors of the hallways in the level and changing the floor textures at the height change.

Pretty easy level, exited with 200 hp and 100 armor, found all 3 secrets. The ending got me.


More consistent design, more variation, but still a lot of 128-height rooms.

You did make your cramped areas better in this level, and you made them darker too which is good. The bloodfall area with the red key and the spectres I would suggest you actually make even darker. Also, I have to point out, since I pointed it out to someone else, I'm not a fan of "doom-furniture", like the chair and desk you have in this level. They don't ever look "right" to me, and they usually don't break up the room well. They also seem to me to be a sign of a newer mapper. If you are resorting to furniture or lots of crates, I'd suggest you change the design of the area a bit. All just my opinion of course.


Your outside areas also need a little bit of contrast, like some shadow around that pagoda thing outside the first room. Speaking of that, things are a little small and cramped in parts of this level. I feel that you just haven't got a feeling for the scale yet, which is also fine - this all comes in time. Generally speaking though, you'll want to make things kinda fat and short, Doomguy moves very quickly so you need to make room for the player to maneuver.

Height-wise this is how I think of things:
64 units - shortest you want if you want the player to move through it, this is duct sized.
96 units - standard room height, like a bedroom in a house, or floor in an office building
128 units - Tall rooms, like a garage.


I'd suggest you make your coutyard areas taller to give the impression that the building is bigger and the ceilings inside aren't paper thin.

Suggestion for the big battle at the end; you can fight everything through the door which isn't very dynamic - it doesn't make the player use thier movement or skills very much. Here is something you could do to make it more exciting:
1. Widen the room a little bit so the player has more room to move.
2. Instead of having the barrons be in the room when you open the doors, replace them with weaker monsters, like pinkies and imps, also have the imps on the sides locked in a monster closet - not activated yet.
3. Have a smaller scale battle here with the imps and pinkies, make the player feel like he's cleared the room.
4. As the player tries to reach the exit at the other end, open the imp monster closets and spawn the barons, while locking the entrance door - trapping the player in the arena.
5. Either tie the exit door opening to killing both barons or instead of absolutely forcing an arena fight, make the exit harder to get through - place a demon on the other side of the exit door before the exit switch.


Still pretty easy, exited with 200hp and armor, found both secrets.


Improvement, better fights in this level, and more room. Your outside areas again need to be taller.

Something else I've noticed; you seem to restock the player with ammo before the enter each new room, with little shelves full of stuff. Scatter the items around. This encourages the player to move into the encounter. Especially the second big courtyard area of this map with the hell knights and cacos, scatter some shells, bullets and rockets around, and of course give the player a chance to find the rocket launcher. If you start seeing rockets around the level it will clue the player into finding the rocket launcher somewhere hidden. Rockets break up the monotony of only using the chaingun and shotguns too.


We also need to talk about level linearity now too. You have almost all of your fights loop back around into a small hub where the next locked door is immediately awating you. This is not bad, but you can improve apon it. Twice in this level (when you pick up the red key, and when you flip the switch next to the pinkie monster closet) you have a barron spawn in, guiding you to the next area, but you also have a direct path back, which in both cases is just jumping down from a ledge. You could make both of these areas more interesting by having the player loop back through the areas they've been through, and repopulating the areas with monsters. This also makes the player think more tactically about leaving items behind if they have to fight through the area more than once.


Last thing, the archvile trap is kinda dickish, no cover in the room means you're just forced to take an hp hit if you don't manage to stun-lock the archie. The big dark rooms leading up to this are good though, empty rooms build tension. But you just get locked in that little area so they go unused.


This level is an obvious improvement to the first two. I missed the secrets here because I hit the secret exit right away.


Not much to say.


You were sparse enough with the health in this level that it was difficult. I needed that berserk + supercharge to make it through the final room, not that I actually cleared it. Stuffing all those monsters in there AND another archvile, I just rushed through them all and bee lined for the exit. There wasn't enough cover or corners to fight the revenant homing missiles and the archvile attacks. I died a few times trying. Not sure about ammo in there either if you actually want people to clear that room. Some rockets might make that doable.
Rockets were sorely missed for this level.


The rest of this was, I think, a decent difficulty level. The first archvile and hell knights we're appreciable hard to fight through, but there were enough corners that you could fight the archivile by leading him back through where you came - with the down side of him resurrecting some demons.


The theme was okay for this level, I liked the flesh pillars, the big polyobj door felt out of place, especially with no sound.


There was some music missing in your intermissions, and some misspellings.


Verdict: not bad! Decent difficulty curve, no glaring theme/texture mashups, some decent geometry, some variance in lighting. You've got some chops, kid. Work on opening up your levels some more, adding more height variation, and using more abstract shaped rooms. Looking forward to seeing what else you make.

Edited by Jadwick

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Not bad.  I enjoyed most of the details.  I really enjoyed the missing pieces of floor and walls.  And moving some of your lighting across different floor and ceiling heights.  I think my biggest issues overall is the over use of Barons of Hell without ways to quickly dispatch them.  Shot gunning them to death is a little tedious and not hard in my opinion.  My other point of note is the size of rooms with very little in them.  Map 3 has this issue a lot.  Again, I like most of the details, but the rooms are just too big with not much going on.


I really liked the tight feel of Map 4.  The interlacing of flesh and marble was nice.  I felt the sloped areas were not needed, but I understand playing around with the features.


Overall I enjoyed the quick little run through.  Look forward to the next one.

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18 hours ago, unpleasantmarine said:

If you didn't make the banana gun you need to give credit somewhere iirc, a txt file included with the zip would be good enough

its self made but if you want to use it go for it

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