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can someone send me a freedoom wad

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im tired of the freedoom levels i need something new can you guys plz help me(aslo i have no idea how to get them on too though ive read the steps)

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How do you run freedoom ? With which software ? On which operating system ?


(So we can explain how to run new wads over FreeDoom)

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OK, that's a kind of linux then.


I think this may work :


1/ Download some good WAD from https://www.doomworld.com/idgames//index.php?dir=levels/doom2/megawads/&sort=rating&direction=desc

For example a good old classic like Scythe https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/megawads/scythe

Unzip the .zip in some directory (on linux, I like to create a /home/user/WAD directory)


2/ In the /Home/user/WAD directory (or anyplace you put your WADs in), create a script file, for example named scythe.sh

In the script file, put some text like "freedoom -file ./scythe/SCYTHE.WAD" or "prboom-plus -file ./scythe/SCYTHE.WAD" or "prboom -file ./scythe/SCYTHE.WAD" (it depends on what software your chromebook is running)

Make the script executable.


Anytime you want to play scythe, run your scythe.sh script.

That's it.

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