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Tartarus Inferno V1.03 Release

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Posted (edited)

A set of maps I have been working on, while I stream, that I have decided to label Tartarus Inferno. It was fully created in GZDoomBuilder with vanilla Doom II Textures. For my first mod I really wanted to stick to the confines of DOOM II to see what I could get away with, and to hopefully get my creative juices flowing.
The first map alone took me a long time to finish, around 6 months off and on when I was still trying to get the hang of GZDoomBuilder. If I learned something new, it probably is somewhere in that first level. 3D Floors, Slopes, Windows, teleports. It really was my testing ground for everything new I learned.

The rest I started working on after I felt confident in my abilites when I finished work on MAP01. I'm only one guy, I tried to make the maps as bug free as possible but again, I am only a beginner level mapper. I tried to make the levels flow as much as possible from one to the next.


I hope you enjoy the mod, please leave me feedback down below. 


Did some more testing, so far all the maps can be done with freelook turned off. MAP01 Requires Jumping because of swimmable lava, so far the rest of the maps don't require jumping. But because of MAP01 this wad requires jumping enabled.

Another note, the wad can be completely played without any gameplay mods. I tested with Brutal Doom V21 but upon playing the maps again without BD I found it was playable. So Brutal Doom is not required.




Early levels may look alright aside from a few bugs but because of the use of fog MAP07 is completely unplayable in Software Rendering and Vanilla Lighting. MAP05 also suffers from fog but not nearly to the extent MAP07 does.


Download Link is at the bottom of the Post


Update: 1.03

MAP01 Added Multiple Monster Closets when picking up Yellow Key

MAP01 Added Multiple Monster Closets when picking up Blue Key

MAP01 Fixed misaligned Textures on stairway after yellow door

MAP01 Added a few more monsters to room after yellow door

MAP02 Added Multiple Monster Closets when picking up Blue Skull Key

MAP03 Added Multiple Monster Closets when opening door to Yellow Skull Key

MAP03 Added some design to passage leading to button that opens yellow key door

MAP03 Added Monster Spawn when picking up Red Key

MAP04 Added Monster Spawns on picking up Blue Key

MAP04 Added Monster Spawns on Picking up Yellow Skull Key

MAP04 Added Monster Closet on Picking up Yellow Skull Key

MAP04 Added Monster Spawns on Picking up Red Key

MAP04 Added more monsters to room directly after Yellow Door

MAP04 Added multiple switches, kill activation's, and monster spawns to Room after yellow Door

MAP04 COMPLETELY redesigned room directly after Yellow Door. Pits of lava, pillars, hell structures etc.

MAP05 UNSTUCK a load of enemies that were stuck due to vanilla monsters being slightly bigger than their Brutal Doom Counterparts

MAP07 Changed a few textures and added a few lava pools and falls to give the map a bit more variety for the eye.

MAP07 Placed a couple Armors

MAP08 Added some more monsters to the first two boss rooms

MAP08 Added a couple more variants of monsters to the entire level


Update: 1.02

Fixed a ton of Misaligned Textures

Map01 changed "super secret" Door location to make it more obvious. Also made "window" near cargo bay block everything

Map04 added "CRTV" next to a switch to let the player know exactly what it did. Shortened path to blue key. Darkened some areas. Reduced the enemy count. Changed some Textures. Added one new secret.

Map05 Moved blue key somewhere more obvious


Update: 1.01

Fixed platform with red skull key in Map02 not lowering

Updated visuals near end of Map04


Tested in GZDoom 4.0 with the Following
Hardware Rendering
Brutal Doom v21
The WAD Begins with MAP01 and ends once you beat MAP08















Edited by CaptainMitchell : Major Updates to Wad

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Posted (edited)

I have made some decent enough changes to post some new screenshots. Just general changes I wanted to show off. 1st pic might not be different I'm not entirely sure.






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Posted (edited)

Some more Screenshots of upcoming changes. I wasn't satisfied with map04 and made further changes. Here are some before and after images to show what I mean













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This wad was heaps of fun. Played up to like map 4 or 5 I think? Good stuff for a first project! Few minor kinks to iron out but it was a blast

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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, Suitepee said:



I playtest this at 1:09:10 into this livestream. An interesting experience.

Hey thanks for playing the wad! Currently watching the stream and have not finished the stream yet, still watching you play through map01 as I type this, but its so weird seeing someone who isn't me playing through the map. And yes, I am that streamer you keep talking about lol. You said that at a point it looks like there should be a monster where the blue key is and your right. I removed it because I felt having a cyberdemon on MAP01 was a bit overkill and because I mostly played with brutal doom, an update messed with the cyberdemon and it could no longer teleport away which is what I wanted. So now the blue key is there. The odd placements of invisibility spheres is actually for brutal doom because the invisibility spheres are replaced with marines you can have help you. Again even the criticisms are music to my ears. I sorely wanted feedback on these maps and its nice to finally have it!



Finished the stream of the wad and ended up just mapping away while watching attempting to fix things as the stream went on. I doubt you'll give the wad another run but your criticisms were like a "OH DUH why didn't I think of that?" moment while watching and I immediately set out to make changes. Playtesting your own maps with only two other people who don't even play doom to help ends with a lot of missed things. Thank you so much for the feedback! Hopefully anyone who plays the wad in the future will enjoy it better because of the changes made due to your help.


4 hours ago, Bushpig2dope said:

This wad was heaps of fun. Played up to like map 4 or 5 I think? Good stuff for a first project! Few minor kinks to iron out but it was a blast

Thank you for the feedback! I'm glad people are playing my maps!

Edited by CaptainMitchell

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