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Howdy, just another noob here. I got everything up and running. The menu screen works fine. When I start "new game" it kicks me to the little prompt screen and says:

Can not load file haze.raw

Do you have any ideas of what I might have to do?

Thank you.

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Are you sure you extracted everything correctly? Haze.raw should come with the ZDoomGL binaries zip. Look for it in there and extract it to the ZDoomGL folder.

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Hey thanks, I'm not too sure what I did the first time. I started over (unzipped all to new folder) and that did the trick.

A few years ago in college, my bud and I were serious (amateur) Doom 2 buffs. I'm glad I discovered the updates, It looks really awesome. Thanks again and good work!

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Glad it works, heh.

Although I might just point out that I didn't actually program ZDoomGL if you didn't know that already. It's all Kokak's work (and timmie is working on the new one).

I'm just a big fan of ZDoomGL ;)

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