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Finishing Raymoohawk's Nukeptile

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8 minutes ago, luckypunk said:

Did the strawberry jam ever make it into a release? As far as I remember, I'd posted the jam version and someone immediately bullied me into improving it. So I copied bits and pieces from other frames into the jam.


In my memory there were only a few hours between both versions. But then it's been a while. My memory might be off.


So yes, that's the reason why it looks the way it looks.


Actually the last 3 frames, uh...

Starts from BOSSM0 but yeh, that is what I mean

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I might look into fixing the Pestmeister death frames too, juuuust to make them a bit more polished. Also an update. I have made progress on the nukenewt, but my computer broke down for the Nth time this year, so I'll continue working on it once it's fixed. I can't seem to find the link to the progress picture I had up on Imgur thanks to the new layout. Nice.

Rest assured, the attack frames are pretty much complete(although it needs a bit of polish), and the death frames need some moderate polish along with some gore.

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