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DOOM Eternal Action Figure releasing in September?

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The Bethesda Gear Store--and a number of other sites that sell collectibles--have pre-order pages for a 7-inch DOOM Slayer Figure by McFarlane Toys (different from the previous DOOM Marine 1/6th Scale Figure by ThreeA).  While there are not yet any images of the planned figure, it will apparently cost around US $22 (some sites have it listed for US $19.99), and will feature "DOOM Slayer in his most recent iteration of his Space Marine Armor".  Accessories will include "a base, the Supershotgun, Extended Arm Blade, and Sheathed Arm Blade".


While the 1/6th scale figure looked nice, it wasn't something I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars on.  This upcoming figure sounds far more affordable, so I am definitely interested in it.  Although it's going to be smaller, I'm hoping the quality of the new figure will still be reasonably good.  I am not going to buy it however until I can actually see what it looks like first, if a bunch of scalpers don't pre-order every available unit that is (the Bethesda Gear Store apparently allows a single user to buy up to 25 units, ugh).

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Indeed, when I go to a comic con, if the figurine is over $100 then it either has to be something I am obsessed over or something decently sized for me to consider it. 7in for ~$20 is a good deal.

I haven't come across much info about a collector's edition for Doom eternal. The revenant last time was really awesome. It would be hard to out-do that, unless there is a redesign of the cyberdemon with bloody wires/tubes coming out of it (more akin to the classic).

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