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Can't play on Nightmare

Is there a way to play classical original doom games on android phones?

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But they do support the original games, all you have to is copy the iwads to your device where the apps can find it. I don't think there is an official app for classic doom.

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Have you tried Dosbox for Android? The information mentions Doom. I think I tested it many years ago. I certainly watched Doom demos on a Kindle Fire (which has a modified Android OS), and I think it was under Dosbox.

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Doom 1 and 2 aren't available on the app store as stand alone games.  The apps that were linked above will only allow you to play Doom 1 and 2 if you own the PC version.


If you have access to a desktop or laptop you can purchase the games in their original format, install them normally, find the files that hold just the game data (these are called iwads) and copy those to your phone.


It sounds convoluted but this is the most legitimate way of getting Doom on your Android device.


I would avoid any app that says it is the full game.


Good luck in finding your wads and happy Dooming!

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