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VDP-MonsterRandomizer - UPDATED September 1, 2022

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On 7/25/2022 at 10:40 PM, plynthus said:


Power-ups also are rarely/randomly replaced by new power-ups. So berserk being affected by this mod is intended.


But maybe a different mod load order could fix it. Whichever mod you load last should overwrite the previous mod in cases like this.

Like when both mods try to replace the same object by a different thing. The mod that was loaded after will be the one to replace it.

I see, but when i play High Noon Drifter & Lambda mods the powerup its still a vanilla berserk and dint replaced with a new powerups like Spirit Bottle (HND) or Double Damage (Lambda).

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21 hours ago, KP_SapphireMK2 said:

I see, but when i play High Noon Drifter & Lambda mods the powerup its still a vanilla berserk and dint replaced with a new powerups like Spirit Bottle (HND) or Double Damage (Lambda).


I tried with Lambda. To my surprise load order didn't fix it. I was fairly confident that was the only problem.
Right now I'm not sure how to fix it. Don't understand why it prioritizes VDP for power-ups, regardless of the load order.

Also wonder if it's only these two mods. Or any mod that replaces power-ups.


I've been working on another update. I'll try to look into this again before that's out. Maybe I'll come up with something I could do.

Can't promise results, but I will try.

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On 7/28/2022 at 6:14 PM, KP_SapphireMK2 said:

I see, but when i play High Noon Drifter & Lambda mods the powerup its still a vanilla berserk and dint replaced with a new powerups like Spirit Bottle (HND) or Double Damage (Lambda).


This works.


Download this file: VDP-Disable_PowerUpReplacers.pk3


Then load in this order:

1. VDP-MonsterRandomizer.pk3
2. VDP-Disable_PowerUpReplacers.pk3
3. Lambda_Code.pk3(or the other one)


If I find a way to make it compatible without a separate file, I'll include it in future updates. But this works well too.

Edited by plynthus

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11 hours ago, plynthus said:


This works.


Download this file: VDP-DisablePowerUps.pk3


Then load in this order:

1. VDP-MonsterRandomizer.pk3
2. VDP-DisablePowerUps.pk3
3. Lambda_Code.pk3(or the other one)


If I find a way to make it compatible without a separate file, I'll include it in future updates. But this works well too.

Now thats what im talking about, thanks.

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New update with 30-40(depends if you count all variations) new monsters.
Including multiple very rare ones.


Bunch of new settings, tweaks, fixes etc.






-added "monster types" setting(found in vdp settings/extra options).
VDP-NeutralMonsters.pk3 is not required anymore. it's finally an in-game setting.


-added monsters:


for ShotgunGuy:


for ChaingunGuy:
-Crash (actor name "crash2")


for Demon:


for Spectre:
-D3Wraith2 (slightly slower translucent version of D3Wraith.)


for LostSoul:
-Stalker (actor name "OutcastStalker")


for Cacodemon:


for HellKnight:
(I got the original UberImp also from "The [ZDoom Community Map] Project Take 1")
Because visually UberImp was only a color translation, I was also able to combine it with:
STImp, VoidImp, ImpAbomination and CyberImp (these were already in the mod as Imp replacers) to make multiple variations.
They have different projectiles, but I kept their attack patterns the same so it's easier to learn them.
All of them have different amount of health and some of them different speed. Spawn chances are equal for all.


for BaronOfHell:
Very nerfed version. Same attacks, but very different behaviour from original.
Because Marauder is an official Doom monster I added an option to spawn "RealMarauder" instead.
Pretty much unchanged. And it's way too strong as a Baron replacer, but it's there if you want it.
This setting affects only after restarting or changing a level.


for Arachnotron:


+9(17 if you count all variations) very rare joke-ish monsters.


-added an option to replace hitscan attacks with projectile ones. which affects monsters that have any hitscan attacks and replace a non-hitscan monster.
Changing this setting affects immediately. It's off by default.
Currently affects these monsters:
Medusa, Haedexebus, CGunspider, Arachnophyte, Marauder(RealMarauder is not affected by this) and Terminator. Also tweaked their normal hitscan attacks. the ones that also have projectile attacks now does hitscan more rarely. and the others randomly stop their hitscan attack to move little bit before attacking again.
Also makes ZombieTanks and ZombieFlyer to never spawn alive Zombie when destroyed. Normally 50% chance.
If I missed any monsters that belong in this category. I will update them later.
I think rail attacks count as hitscan too. But I left Lasershark, BeamRevenant and RailArachnotron unaffected.
Because they all have a charge sound making their attacks fully dodgeable.


-added "Display VDP Monster Counter" option.
shows separate monster counts(kills/total) for:
 -All Monsters
 -Normal Monsters


-added these to Monster Mixer:
to also replace:
 -Baron of Hell
I also added spawn chance settings for these ones.
And "Attack options" for this Pain Elemental: [Normal Only], [Normal + Cacodemon shot], [Cacodemon shot ONLY].
So the Lost Soul spawning wouldn't break the original balance too much.


-added "Display Map Special info" option
it shows:
 -which map special
 -which special action
 -and monster counter for the monster type/types you need to kill to trigger the special action.
Most likely a useless feature for most. I only added it because I already used a simpler version when testing.
But MAYBE this could be helpful if you get stuck in a map. You could turn it on just to check if there's something like this.


-added options to set all "Replacer Spawn Chances" at once to specific setting. and an option to reset all vdp settings except spawn chance settings to defaults.


-made it possible to choose between demon/spectre and lost soul replacers with the setting "Disable any long range attacks by replacers of...".
Before it was all or nothing.


-changed the hitscan attack of GhostRevenant into a homing projectile. Also added another projectile attack. And made this monster less rare because of these changes.
Getting hit by it the homing projectile causes the same blinding effect, but it's shorter and instead of taking 200% damage during the effect you'll only take 150%.
The other attack is more common, faster, non-homing and doesn't cause the blinding effect.


-the bomb spawned by Catharsi(Imp replacer) now has a chance to be a "dud". collecting the dud bomb gives one rocket to the player.
In the past I also added a chance for the bomb to be fast or slow.
The faster the bomb is the more likely it is for it to be a dud.


-made the attack of imp replacer "illus" more readable. By adding a sound effect and slowing down the animation.
I made this change to make it easier to dodge. Because now you know exactly when it's coming.
I also slowed down the melee animation of the ghost "projection" thing, giving you more time to get out of the way, even if it reaches you.


-fixed decoration object replacer swarm dead bodies clipping through floor more than the original bodies. also made them more rare.
I wouldn't mind if there was a very subtle visual tell when it's a swarm.
But the floor clipping thing wasn't intentional. And not the kind of tell I'd like to have.


-gave the Defiler's(Pain Elemental replacer) lost soul looking homing projectiles a random chance to die over time.
Because you can't shoot them and they're homing at you. You usually would need cover to get rid of them.


-nerfed/buffed Desentinel(Pain Elemental replacer).
It had an attack where it shoots fireballs at very fast rate and wouldn't stop until you hurt it or you hide.
I slowed down the fire rate making it possible to run between the shots. But they also deal twice as much damage now.
It also now has a random chance of breaking out of that loop.


-Revghoul's(Revenant replacer) poison shot doesn't cause infighting with Revenants and other Revenant replacers anymore.


-Avatar(Archvile replacer) buffed/nerfed, but mostly nerfed.
Only buff is that it can also resurrect monsters now.(archvile replacers being able to resurrect can be disabled in the extra settings.)
I nerfed most attacks. Because it was able to kill the player too fast.


-nerfed femaleplasma
slower firerate and lower health
It was too dangerous as zombieman replacer. But it's still pretty strong.


-nerfed the sound PlasmaElemental makes when it dies.
On death it shoots multiple plasmaballs to many directions at the same time.
The sound effect stacks and becomes way too loud.
Now it's louder than a single shot, but far from what it used to be.


-a lot of little fixes/tweaks here and there.


If you have downloaded the August 26th version of the main mod file. It's an in-game setting now and the VDP-NeutralMonster.pk3 is outdated.

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+Currently an unfinished feature as a bonus(updated September 6th)




I've slowly worked on this on the side:


It adds a new menu where you can spawn monsters.


Currently it has all the replacers(in alphabetical order) for only:


You can also check a picture of any of these monsters in the menu.


I'll continue to update it probably quite slowly.
So that's why I'm posting an unfinished version now.



UPDATE 2022/09/06

It now should include all the monsters including decoration object replacers, power-ups and power-up replacers.
You can spawn "Normal" and "Friend" versions of each monster.
You can bind a shorcut key in GZDoom's "Customize Controls" menu.


It's still unfinished. I'll try to clean it up a bit. It's not going to look much better, but some improvements.
And requires a lot more testing.


I'll add it to the main mod once it's completed and tested properly.


For now there might be some monsters that won't spawn correctly. Not sure if there is, but I haven't tested every monster yet.


The pictures in the menu might not perfectly match what you get. If one monster uses another monster's sprites, but has a color translation. It will show you the sprite with it's original color.
And there's some scaled monsters as well, but you'll see the original size.
The size thing I'm probably going to update at some point, but the color thing will stay. The pictures in the menu is just a bonus anyway.


Also most Doom II monsters and some of their replacers will be missing some sprites/sounds if used in Doom/Ultimate Doom.


Posting this another unfinished version now, because there's a lot of progress since the previous. And my progress for finishing this will still be slow.


So far I've fully tested these monsters and their replacers:
Lost Soul
Baron of Hell
Spider Mastermind
Pain Elemental

Everything's worked so far.



I've fully tested all the monsters and power ups. Normal and Friend.

Everything works as intended. Except RedDemon(Revenant Replacer) normal spawn doesn't do anything. Friend spawn works.
Until I post an update if you want to spawn that monster you can open console and type "summon reddemon".


Edited by plynthus

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Hey Mr. Plynthus I really love ur mod but the thing is... Is this mod is final version? Cuz I keep waiting for the new update at least 1 and a half years and still no news about your update. (Just don't mind if I reply will ya?)

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