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How can I get the wad to end on MAP08 instead of MAP30?


I am currently working on a Vanilla/Chocolate Doom Episode and I want the wad to end like it would on MAP30 after MAP08.

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Can't be done in pure vanilla to the best of my knowledge. Best you can do is make MAP09 be a "thanks for playing" map with some midtextures or something saying thanks, game over, etc.


Most players will get the hint and know it's the end. Curious players will warp to the rest but will be greeted by Doom 2 maps.


You could also create a dummy map with only an exit and then use it for MAP10-MAP30 and MAP31/MAP32 by copying and pasting the map lumps and then renaming the marker. Then when players exit MAP30 they are greeted with a humorous text screen saying that you told them the WAD was over by editing the text with DeHackEd strings. Just an idea.

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